Cancer Treatment That Fits Your Needs & Lifestyle


When you come to Sage Cancer Care your complete health picture will be considered. The goal is understand your medical history, your unique concerns and who you are thoroughly so you may be addressed individually. In this way, where you are coming from, what you are doing now and where you wish to go, can be integrated into a complete and effective whole.


Consultation Appointment Includes:

  • You will sit down with the doctor and talk for 60-75 minutes with time to wrap up and create you a plan at the end of the allotted time, totaling 1.5 hours in the office.
  • Your medical records will be reviewed.
  • You will be asked a thorough list of questions.
  • Any appropriate physical exams will be performed.
  • Specific areas of focus will include: 
    • How cancer has manifested in your life
    • What treatments you’ve undergone
    • Your immune health
    • Nutrition and diet
    • Digestion and bowel health
    • Foundations of lifestyle, stress and sleep
    • Inflammation reduction
    • Emotional health and mind-body medicine
    • Your questions will be answered about naturopathic, conventional and alternative cancer treatments.
  • You will be handed an initial plan in writing that outlines the initial course of treatment as well as future follow-up.
  • You will leave with a better understanding of your own health, what you can do to live better and take control of you cancer journey.

First Visit Information

Please bring with you or even better, fax 888-972-1720 to the office ahead of time:


  1. Your medical records including:
    1. Recent blood work (CBC and metabolic panel)
    2. Recent oncology scans (just the reports, not the images)
    3. The original pathology report
    4. Other pertinent doctor’s notes or tumor markers.
  2. The intake paperwork completed (or leave yourself 20 minutes to do this prior to your appointment time)
  3. A caregiver for support and extra brain power.


  • None of this is required, but all will be helpful at first visit.


Once you are a patient of record, your medical chart can be requested from previous or current doctors, so don’t feel stuck if you don’t have it currently.


We look forward to getting to know you and providing guidance and support in your health and healing process. If you have specific questions or need more information, you may schedule a 10-15 minute free consult with the doctor to make sure Sage Cancer Care is a good fit for what you seek. Please contact us