Holistic Cancer Care Center In Portland, Oregon

Cancer patients deserve the highest level of care and a treatment plan that is individualized to their needs. At Sage Cancer Care we manage the big picture, integrating current research with the wisdom of holistic healing in your fight against cancer. 


Our clinic offers naturopathic oncology as a broad-reaching specialty, as well as resources to connect with many other healing modalities such as, acupuncture, physical therapy and lymphedema care, oncology massage, and nutritional counseling. Our practitioners are each highly specialized within their respective fields to bring the best of their healing traditions to patients with cancer. With our comprehensive natural protocols, we promise to collaborate with your entire healthcare team, making certain that you receive the safest, most effective combination of natural and conventional treatments available.


Integrative medicine is the future of both cancer prevention and treatment, and is available today at Sage Cancer Care. 


At Sage Cancer Care, our mission is to better the lives of patients with cancer through innovative therapies from the natural world and collaborative holistic care.