patient feedback

"I met Dr. Dave in 2009 when I was a new patient at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia. Dr. Dave was thorough, thoughtful and complete in his assessment of my needs, and understood my intent to use alternative treatments in tandem with the required Western treatments. He promised to be my "naturopath for life" - and he has followed through on his promise. I am cancer-free (and plan to remain that way!) and I know that I can contact Dr. Dave for naturopathic guidance at any time. His focus is on health in mind, body and spirit, and he follows his own path of kindness and attention to others. I would highly recommend him!" 


 Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity


Rosie W

At 68, my dad was diagnosed with lymphoma. He had already beaten cancer once when he was 50, but this time the prognosis was much worse. We needed a holistic approach and more had to be done to support my dad as well as fight cancer effectively. We searched for a naturopathic oncologist and found Dr. Dave Allderdice in Portland,Oregon.  It was immediately apparent that Dr. Dave was knowledgeable, compassionate, and a great listener, but we also learned that he trained at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and felt confident in his treatment approach.  Upon first meeting Dr. Dave, he explained how to use naturopathic remedies to enhance chemotherapy effectiveness, dramatically decrease the severity of chemotherapy side effects, and optimize survival.  With the care provided by Dr. Dave, we learned about specific nutrition and supplements that would help maintain strength and energy, reduce mouth sores, reduce nausea and maintain digestive health, and other techniques to strengthen the immune system and enable one’s own body to fight cancer!  Additionally, Dr. Dave tailored treatment to suite my dad’s personality and lifestyle, addressing mental health, spiritual health and lifestyle choices.  With Dr. Dave’s knowledge, support and availability, we felt like we had so much more control over an awful situation – an arsenal of tools at our disposal that allowed us to feel cared for…and cared about!  My dad is now cancer free again.  Following chemotherapy, Dr. Dave then structured treatment to regain strength and overall health and remain cancer free.  We can never know whether chemotherapy alone would have been successful without the help of Dr. Dave, but we know my dad would have suffered so much more without his help and support.  We can never adequately express our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Dave, but hope that whomever reads this will understand and appreciate the enormous benefits of holistic cancer treatment.


Ayesha B

I also got connected with a great naturopathic oncologist, Dr. Dave (thank you Heather P!!), who has me on a robust supplement protocol to help support my system pre- and post- surgery, and prevent metastasis. I was initially concerned that Dr. Whiteford wouldn't support my supplement regime up to surgery, since standard surgical protocol is to stop all supplements 5 days prior to surgery.  As Dr. Whiteford pointed out, most of his patients are getting their nutritional information from "the person in aisle 3 at the GNC," and he was happy that I was getting my information from someone who knows what he is talking about.  A great reminder to go to someone well trained in their field. I cannot recommend a good naturopath enough, if you want someone to treat you as a whole person and complement the Western approach. 


Jen Z

Dr Allderdice,  I just wanted to take a moment today and thank you for your grace and compassion.  I am so happy to have met you; I am so happy that you are part of my sur-thrival team.  Thank you for taking the time to care.  It means a lot to me.
Karen S
Kurt's Naturopath is Dr. Dave Allderdice and he is with Kwan-Yin Healing Arts Center at 2330 NW Flanders (half block off 23rd uphill) 503.701.8766. His creds are ND, FABNO Integrative Oncology Specialist. Don't have a clue what those mean. All I know is that there is no doubt that the complimentary support from Dr. Dave has been solidly confirmed by rigorous studies. Dr. Vuky supported his recommendations and, most important, my husband went from crazy needing a walker to playing 18 holes of golf with friends. We are enjoying normal in a very not normal situation. As I said, Dr. Vuky supports it wholeheartedly but would never had prescribed it. Take care of taking care of yourself,right?
There is no question that his life is limited and the cancer will win in the end but the difference in  quality is invaluable. I attribute that to Dr. Dave, there is no doubt in my mind that his protocol has dramatically increased the efficacy of the chemo and reduced the side effects.
At our first visit Dr. Vuky asked what our goals were, smart to give us something to shoot for. She and Dr. Dave were both aiming for the absolute highest quality of life and a very short time of the cancer taking over. It's working. Big time. 
Okay, you asked for the recommendations. The bits and bobs will follow but the first is, get Dr. Vuky (trust me on this one) then see Dr. Allderdice. That's the best combination your friend could ask for. They work with each other and respect what each brings to treatment. We were hesitant, but adamant, to say we were adding a Naturopath to the fight. The initial reaction was eye-rolling, pooh-poohing, bet you got a LONG list of expensive supplements... Then they went over the list and said ALL were proven. Period.
I don't have the first regimen but do know that CoQ10 was more important at first then less so. 
Now he takes Vital Nutrients brand green tea extract 275mg, the level of catechins is important. Don't get off the shelf. Dr. Allderdice explained that the chemo hits a lot of the cancer cells but there are "super cells" that build the strongest tumors and are resistant, the green tea extract capsules are equivalent to 80 cups a day and make the dense tumors receptive to chemo. At Kurt's mid-chemo scan they were surprised that the densest tumors were dying from the center out, not shrinking but donut shaped which was very good. He takes two capsules three times per day.
No pharmaceuticals, the pain meds, nausea meds, all the drugs were so bad and scary. I am not opposed to Western medicine, hey, chemo has done miracles for us, but the Oxy-this and Lorazapam brain effecting stuff f€£}#¥Ed him up.
Chemo, freaking scary going in. What you aren't told is that whatever reaction the first time you have, it is it. If you get  nausea the first time, you will. If you don't, you won't. We were lucky. The only side effect that Kurt has had is GI and a sensitive tongue. 
Take a cooler filled with ice chips and try to keep the mouth as chilled as possible. The chemo goes everywhere and it hits the mucus membranes hard. If you keep the mouth cold it shrinks the blood vessels so mouth sores are minimized. Milk shakes during chemo and morning smoothies with protein powder are good.
Hope that helps your friend. Don't hesitate to call me, (xxx) xxx-xxxx.
I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer July 2009.  I knew that I had to pursue traditional oncology treatment but felt just as strongly that I also needed a holistic approach to take care of my body's overall health.  That kind of approach was not readily available in my geographic area.  I found CTCA, an organization that practiced an integrated approach to the treatment of cancer.  Dave Allerdice was my naturopathic doctor at this facility.   His approach to my health was from a sustainable and preventive care perspective.  He welcomed a collaborative relationship with his patients which gave me a sense of some control of my health.  I credit Dave's direction with my ability to withstand the traditional oncology treatment with minimal impact to the quality of my life after 2 1/2 years in treatment and still counting.
Pat T